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Special Items

Here at Personal Touch Cleaners we take care of your most valuables items, there are some that are special and need special attention, for these, we give extra care to provide excellent service at the most affordable price.

Wedding Gowns

Your wedding gown is a unique treasure that cannot be replaced, and deserves our expertise. After the wedding, one of our experts goes over the gown with you, inch by inch. We then use up to three processes to treat your gown. This custom approach removes stains while retaining fabric texture and protecting beadwork and other decorations.

Suede, Fur and Leather

These are often among your most expensive garments. We take special care to maintain the color and beauty of leather and the subtle, soft nap of suede. We require several days to properly produce these types of garments.


We provide cleaning for all rug sizes from 3x5 to 10x14, we pick up and deliver them to your door.


Stuffed Toys, UGGS, Athletic Shoes and Designer Purses, hats and gloves.